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Ready to earn $40-$60/Hour while building a network to boost your net worth? Enroll!

Thank you for your interest in our barber school! To ask your questions or tours of our school, please refer to the contact details below to reach us. Become a professional barber today!

Why Choose Legacy Academy in Sycamore, Illinois? 

Legacy Academy has a firm hands on training approach. Hands on training is a proven method of instructing that produces highly skilled barbers with promising futures in a highly competitive industry. Students will have live models on a regular basis. We like to say that you do NOT develop SKILL from textbooks.

However, not only do we educate but also enforce the guidelines on safety, sanitation, chemicals, and the correct science of Professional Barbering.

That said, we also like to say that you do NOT learn safety and sanitation during hands on training, but instead, you learn BEFORE hands on training. Simply stated, the more haircuts and shaves that you do, the better you become at both.

Instructors will supervise every service performed by a student to ensure constant directional feedback. Students will build theoretical knowledge and an advanced skill set in Professional Barbering.

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