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High School Students

Legacy Academy  has partnered with Kishwaukee Education Consortium (hereafter referred to as KEC) creating a two year barbering program for juniors. We have also created a one year barbering program for seniors.

Students would attend class at Legacy Academy during school hours with an opportunity to receive 1-3 high school credits depending which program they are apart of. We would like to add that Barbering is not an alternative to college, but instead, Barbering is simply a career choice. It’s never an either/or, but instead, an addition regardless of your educational path.

Courses Descriptions

At Legacy Academy in Sycamore, Illinois, we offer:

Barber Course (1500 Hours)

Apprenticeship Program available upon clocking 1350 hours of the required 1500 hours.

Theory – 150 Hours

(Milady’s Professional Barbering Textbook)

General Classroom Theory


Theory and Practice – 1350 Hours

Barber History


Infection Control and Safe Work Practices

Implements, Tools, and Equipment

Anatomy and Physiology


Electricity and Light Therapy

Properties and Disorders of the Skin

Properties and Disorders of Hair and Scalp

Treatment of Hair and Scalp

Facial and Scalp Massage

Shaving and Facial Hair Design

Haircutting and Styling

Chemical Texture Services

Hair Coloring and Lightening

Barbershop Management

Illinois Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Workers’ Compensation Act

Students will take chapter test for every chapter. Additionally every student will be required to take a final exam with a minimum passing score of 75% required to graduate.

Barber Refresher Course

(250 Hours) 

Barber Refresher Course shall include a minimum of 25 hours in basic training. The subjects covered in the remaining 225 hours may be determined at the discretion of the school and/or teacher, provided the refresher course includes training in each of these categories listed

  • Basic Training (25 Hour Minimum)
  • Shaving and Facial Hair Design
  • Hair Cutting and Styling
  • Chemical Texture Services
  • Barbershop Management

Consist of a combination of classroom instruction and hands on (practical and technical) experience. However, instruction may include online hours in theory not to exceed 10% of the total hours.

Cosmetology to Barber Crossover Training Course (500 Hours) 

History and fundamentals of barbering, honing, shaving, skin, stropping, scalp, and hair care. Clipper cutting, hair styling and haircutting men’s hairpieces (sales and service). Barber laws and rules and regulations. Also hands on training on live models.

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